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Eligibility Requirements

The applicant must meet all three of the following eligibility requirements in order to participate in the application process:

  • Appropriate title - must be an Assistant Professor (or higher). If the institution does not use this title, a letter from the department chair confirming the applicant’s eligibility is required.
  • Status - must hold Principal Investigator status.
  • Independent - must be considered an “independent investigator” with his/her own dedicated lab space or with lab space independent of another investigator.


The Letter of Intent

The first step in the proposal process is the submission of a letter as outlined below. The Foundation will accept only one letter of intent per year from an Investigator. This letter should be sent by US Mail or any dependable carrier to the Foundation and be received by the close of business on the deadline date (or the following business day if appropriate), displayed in the Application Dates section. Letters of Intent will not be accepted when submitted by electronic mail.

The following information must be included:

Part 1 Cover Page (use institutional letterhead):

  • The investigator’s full name, academic rank and institutional affiliation.
  • Complete US Mail and e-mail addresses, telephone and fax numbers.
  • The title of the project (not to exceed 60 characters).
  • The type of grant requested: a one year grant-in-aid, or a two or three year research grant.
  • A table of all current and pending funding including the following information: grant title, source, total amount of direct and indirect costs per year, length in years, percent effort expended on the project, and notification date if the application is still pending. Pending funding should include all grant applications submitted but not yet approved or denied. If there is no current or pending funding please specifically indicate “no current funding’ or “no pending funding”.

Part 2 Research Abstract (plain paper):

The abstract is a technical description, not exceeding two pages in length, of the proposed research project. The abstract may not exceed 600 words in length and the font must be in no less than 11 point type. Figures are acceptable in the letter of intent. Figure legends should be included in the word count total. The word count should be displayed at the end of the abstract; abstracts longer than 600 words will not be accepted. Please type the investigator’s last name on the top right corner of each page and do not include any reprints, CVs, or letters of reference.

On the basis of this letter, the Whitehall Foundation's scientific advisory staff will determine whether or not the proposed research project will continue to the application process. Support will not be provided to individuals who receive or expect to receive substantial support from other sources.

The Research Proposal

Grant application materials will be sent to those applicants whose proposed projects are considered to be the most meritorious and consistent with the Foundation's current funding interests. The grant application should be carefully prepared as outlined in the instructions and on the form itself.

Budget items must be justified. Current and pending extramural support must be outlined as in the Letter of Intent: grant title, source, total amount of direct and indirect costs per year, length in years, percent effort expended and notification date if still pending. We expect that the deadlines will be honored and that all information requested will be supplied. Letters of recommendation should be sent by the writer directly to the Foundation in accordance with the instructions in the application packet.

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